• 100% Qualified Staff, More Filled Assignments.

Set strengths and weaknesses for EVERYONE in your organization. No need to try to memorize everyone’s traits, skills and preferences.

Staffpoint will check if people have the skills for the job, but also a dozen other factors, such as if they’ve been asked not to return, or have been excluded from such work in the future or if they have the right equipment, personality, credentials and so on.

It does this for all your staff, not just those at the top of mind. This way, all those interviews, trainings and equipment don’t go to waste as you get to maximize the use of your entire team and keep turnover to a minimum.

Get the best for every scenario

Set your priorities and Staffpoint will search, filter and rank your available personnel for each work scenario.

Use settings such as hours worked, distance to be travelled, seniority, most experienced for the job and much more.

Always get the best person no matter who is doing the scheduling.

Automatic Credential Tracking

Never worry about assigning personnel that don’t have the right qualifications or have credentials that have expired.

It’s like a digital file cabinet that constantly keeps tabs on who has what credentials and warns you (and your staff if you like) when due dates are coming up.

If someone is not qualified or their credential has run you can have Staffpoint warn staff or disable them if it is required to get the job done.